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Grind suitable door accuses: One cartoon consumes systematic solution (graph)

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One, plan point:

When traditional business offers board and lodging for employee, use ticket card means already trival no-go, after intelligence of use blame contact blocks electronic purse to consume management, because be in,trade the exchange that there is false cash in the process, not only can avoid to be in trade the financial black hole that appears in the process, and facilitating statistic total of every months of every eat, daily, spending, offset expends operation circumstance of the place to master in time. Give the consumption of someone else the room to already contracting, criterion but the employee number that exact count gives repast, avoid the capital spending that causes when pressing fixed number to pay by the month; Also can stipulate only employee going to work just can eat free food likewise, do not go to work employee cannot eat free food. Every meal can have only or can eat only everyday 3 a variety of inferior agreeing with the consumptive management such as of all kinds enterprise and edifice.

One cartoon consumes systematic solution

One cartoon consumes systematic solution

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Consumption runs a system, data of employee of will all hairpin is unified use, differ according to position, use different card kind, can come true in different post all sorts of allowance extend. Consume settle accounts system, use can ask according to what appoint, by the month, by day, by eat, by consumption machine, by have statistic in group inquiry, and can be mixed pay system interface, handle funds on account to the individual, deduct directly from inside salary, the system has a variety of collecting fees means: Retail mode, number mode, mode full a cost, be restricted second mode, in a limited time mode.

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