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System of house entrance guard is in the United States on the west the applicati

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As the reform of power industry and development, power system changes administrative pattern to also progress increasingly for fiducial intelligence with high-tech. In the intelligent application that defends transformer substation in unmanned value, problem of passageway control general management is attached most importance to especially should, it can help us realize unmanned value to defend truly, a variety of inadequacy that and improvement lags behind before administrative pattern place brings, raise transformer substationMonitoringAbility and the automation to data handle the level with the analysis, improve manufacturing management level and administrative efficiency then. The unmanned value with true implementation stable and advanced, reliable technology defends transformer substation passageway control is integratedRun a systemAppear very important.

House passageway controls general management system to defend the administrative demand of transformer substation to unmanned value to get used to company of electrified wire netting on the west, use advanced entrance guard to control systematic technology and digital multimedia technology compositive, offer professional and efficient transformer substation monitoring to manage systematic solution especially. This system is height compositive the intelligent management system with efficient automation, main by monitoring of entrance guard, image,
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