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RFID becomes one of nucleus of Surface of Microsoft interface system

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Imagine such scene -- , in fawn on of a positive light afternoon, you walk into the coffee hall of the corner to sit down leisurely, show immediately on the table before " welcome aboard, the eat that ask a dot " model of written characters, the returns Wen Bingmao having a plan eat sheet that appears at the same time and introduction. You need to carry only not use too much force is a bit smaller desktop, the service is born with can carry reeky coffee very quickly.

Perhaps you still need the foil of some of music, so click table to go up please " use feeling style " musical board piece, choose the music eye style that you like, all special cover can appear before. favorite music eye pulls those who drag a desktop to go up to broadcast list, wear headphone again, you can enjoy what belong to your only easily afternoon days. Have a rest ends, should go back worked? Should take out credit card to be put on the desktop only so, the pertinent information such as consumptive state, line of credit can show by, dub pays, rise leave.

-- , perhaps you can think such setting can appear in science fiction film only, but now, it comes really to the side of us however, this is Microsoft is about to be in this year, today, be about to put the computer of the market on formally integrated and alternant planar system -- , " Microsoft interface " (MicrosoftSurface) .

Notional sex reveals Surface recently (the data pursues)

The keyword of Surface

Microsoft interface (MicrosoftSurface, surface) of the following abbreviation is a kind of computer integrated and alternant planar system. As the first planar computer of Microsoft, surface falls in the circumstance that does not have traditional mouse clavier, the sign that should carry a person only, feeling -- , it is the direct physics contact with other object even, can produce much information to interact, the meaning of this kind of innovation is self-evident.

Surface also can call desktop computer -- , this is not to point to the computer that is put on the desktop, also not be the Windows system that points to you in that " desktop " . This is the desktop on real significance, and it, also will make the computer on real significance.

Multiple touch accusing is the technology that can receive many feeling to input signal at the same time, also be the core technology of Surface. Surface can support more than 10 people to share a top of a table at the same time at most. Physics differentiates differentiate with feeling union is together, with respect to the digital reaction that can start different type according to the need of the user, created thereby the powerful function of Surface.

Screen of input of many bits of feeling although already well known, but in before all blame tradition that we see is held in charging means, more intuitionistic than Surface without a kind of any alternate meanses, meticulous, lively, can pass through more fictitious the bounds with reality.
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