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Shallow talk about integrated wiring to reach an attention in the application in

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Integrated wiring system belongs to the physical layer of any intelligent systems, when be defined at the outset, "Integrated " 2 words are defined: Can replace all sorts of weak cable systems (namely intelligent system) . But, as a result of the reason on the price and consciousness, be used at phone and computer network system in great quantities since integrated wiring system is long-term, get popular increasingly as the technology of integrated wiring system, a lot of intelligence systems begin to use integrated wiring system to regard its as transmission line stage by stage.

The article will be preliminary introduceEntrance guardThe integrated wiring in the system applies.

One, brief introduction of entrance guard system

Entrance guard system is a subsystem of passageway management system, normally it is used brush biology of card, human body the technology such as diagnostic identifying, below the control that runs software, undertake administrative to passageway, the person freedom that allows qualified turnover is current, the person that ought not to come in and go out to those tries to interfere.

Because entrance guard system can identify the identity of bearer quickly, come more than 10 years it goes quickly from inside the film, entered the office of office building, large transnational corporation, also beefeater is mixed in garage, subway the doorway of residential building, it is to be before the use of table computer even, can use it to confirm the identity of the person that use. Can say, check in lots and lots of need the place of the identity installed entrance guard system almost.

The working principle of entrance guard system is as follows roughly:

Entrance guard is given priority to with the door, in place pilot door inside and outside reachs the upper part of the door, of various entrance guard facilities:

When should holding plan blocking a person to take the door, he is met in door external use inductive card is reading card implement on brush card, the password is inputted on password clavier, also may be to use dactylogram identifying implement, palmmprint identifying implement, retina identifying implement wait biology identifying a moment implement check the identity.
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