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Bank the city plans village of industry of system of first RFID of countrywide

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Circle of economy of annulus Bohai Sea is afterwards bead triangle, long triangle hind, the 3rd economy of Chinese is encircled, beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao is the city with the quite mature development inside the area, the Shandong that serves as a promising young person bank city, how to lend development the good luck of the Huanghe delta again, where is the economic development that makes the one form inside an area?

"Bank city past is with farming the area that give priority to, but pass through industrial readjust in recent years, carry out energetically ' industry starts city ' the strategy, at present industry has made pillar industry, industry increases a value to hold the proportion of GDP, by 2 years 44.7% 57.3% what rise. " bank state city progress and Lu Jun of reform committee chairman disclose, begin from 2 years, bank the development of state city is very rapid, GDP had been achieved last year 1, 3 billion yuan (RMB, similarly hereinafter) , income of finance of average per capita is discharged in Shandong the 8th.

In inside numerous economy developing zone, bank the city is a promising young person, after be being started formally 2 years oneself nevertheless, development is at a tremendous pace however, introduced a project to even more last year 100, the contract always invests about 28 billion yuan. With inland other economy developing zone is compared, bank the fixed position of state economy developing zone is very clear -- the manufacturing industry base that makes a modernization!

Lu Jun points out, in the condition complete major premise falls, till at present till, economic developing zone already formed a lot of large industries, include among themElectronInformation. Bank first electron of whole nation of plan and construction identifies the city (village of RFID) system industry, the whole nation is built inside the shortest time garden of industry of RFID of first of the biggest, Shandong.

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