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Be based on GPRS and radio frequency IC to block distributed check on work atten

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The safeguard and offers oil to carry motivation share of pipeline of responsible oil of company of Daqing oil pipeline, so oil pump workstation distributings to go up in the open country of length and breadth of land. As a result of distance and working intensity different, the accident is paroxysmal strong, employee is frequent replace works in each workstation, be out on duty and post salary special hard statistic. According to this kind of actual condition, use the total cent pattern that always charges center and terminal of each check on work attendance, every employee regards ID as identification card with card of radio frequency IC, communication agency uses GPRS network, fit the actual condition with the widespread workstation of pipeline company.

1GPRS network

GPRS is based on existing GSM network implementation, need increases a few node in existing GSM network, gateway GPRS supports node GGSN, service GPRS supports node SGSN. GGSN has the effect that col stands between GPRS network and public data network, the data network that it can mix a variety of differring joins; SGSN records the current position information of mobile equipment, mix in mobile equipment shift is finished to send and be received of data in group between all sorts of data networks, offer to serve all users inside the area two-way in group road by. GPRS network block diagram is shown 1 times like the graph.

Block diagram of graph 1GPRS network

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This system uses GPRS network to regard communication as agency, because it has a lot of advantages: The price is reasonable, the GPRS service that Chinese mobile company provides is expended according to flowmeter, also can take the form of packet of month, the price is low; Transmission rate is high, real time sex is good, data bulk is great, GPRS can offer those who be as high as 115kbit / S to transmit rate; When accepting a person, ask short, exchange in group receive man hour little at 1s, be based on IP agreement, can offer powerful Internet to receive person competence; Forever online, reliability is high, interference rejection capability is strong.

2 systems are overall design

Determine flow of work of the following system according to real need: After employee enters a company, use above all in always accusing, heart software controls hairpin through serial mouth implement hairpin, in always accusing namely, heart software reads the radio frequency that takes Wiegand26bits agreement encode to block date to gift an employee number, send through Internet next be in dispersedly the long-range terminal of each district, make its store the number of card of radio frequency IC of employee and employee number, card is played in each terminal when employee when, terminal records next time that play card and employee number, each terminal times cent does not pass GPRS module to land the employee inside calm period of time what circumstance and terminal number hair send Internet to go up is total control a center, always accuse a center to put lay aside to land a case by employee number, what land terminal according to theirs is different gift worth of different wages right, achieve the administration of salary and check on work attendance. If the graph is shown 2 times,the system is formed.
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