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The United States will be not RFID of patent sex library to collect books showpi

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The bright Buddhist nun in American Minnesota Abolisi the congress admiral that city holds by public library association exhibits library RFID collects books system. This kind of conference is held for biennially, attend by global library curator and administrator.

The library will be revealed give a kind to be able to save time, offer better client experience and generation to be able to feel investment redound (ROI) sex of new-style, innovation range of products. "Our product is to be used at be in public library configuration, achieve run reliably " , company president and presiding apparitor EmmettErwin say, "Our product is used at satisfying the strict requirement of environment of a busy library, the configuration that still can raise the library at the same time " .

This library product is man-machine to control, use at classics UL (American insurance laboratory) with CE (European Union) the highest and safe level of attestation. All its RFID systems and international Organization for Standardization are compatible, belong to blame patent property.

Those who apply to library roomNew productHave the following kinds:

Light-duty BiblioWandTM (the library is instant communication software)----0.7 pounds are only heavy, biblioWand is a kind of weight light, use the software of wireless inventory news report of program and clew easily.

New orleans BiblioSelfCheckTM (system of library self check is on-line communication software)----It is a kind of model that be used at the desktop or is used on teapoy alone, the characteristic of BiblioSelfCheck system is to use stainless steel chooses with all sorts of adornment, include to use natural lumber to match with library configuration. Characteristic of optional choose sex still includes to have unifinication coin small pay system and those who be used at money and credit card is exterior pay box. The service data that BiblioSelfCheck statistic software stands SelfCheck tries gather up comes.
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