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IC card collects fees book of program of system of check on work attendance of e

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() system of rice of IC card carry out

Card of IC of the card in the first chapter collects fees system and place of advantage of other brand contrast

, IC card collects fees systematic advantage

1, use Mifare1 to be not contact IC card, confidential, compatible and but expansibility is strong.

2, every collect fees machine is OK and independent the job is optional match " data is collected implement " , implementation avoids wiring. Data is collected implement the capacity is 8000, can undertake much stage is collected. Can pass 485 undertook much stage links a network, communication distance can exceed 1200 meters.

3, every collect fees mothball battery is carried inside machine, power cut can work 6 hours or so continuously.

4, processing number is not restricted, every collect fees machine can allot blacklist to amount to 5000 people, can store 10500 detail are recorded, put store fast full when, can undertake calling the police hinting.

5, can realize optional consumption, plan second consumption, norm consumption, menu consumption and function of accumulative total inquiry and can install every pieces of check everyday highest expenditure.

6, insufficient to card of illegal card, report the loss of sth, remaining sum card, consumption gets stuck above quota, cannot consume not only, and the terminal when brushing card can undertake code hints calling the police reaching.

Preface of the 2nd chapter

Limited company of development of science and technology of the card in Xiamen fastens a major to be engaged in computer check on work attendance, collect fees, security personnel make one's rounds more, the company of new and high technology of development of entrance guard system, development, sale. Will a few years hold to " achieve top-ranking quality, do baby-sitter to serve " concept, in order to pledge actor reachs good baby-sitter mood after service, won the reachs each district agency generally reputably general self-identity of each district user. Support energetically in what each district user reachs agency below, company business gets great progress, already was in now city of city of Chengdu, Xiamen, spring, Suzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wen Zhou, stage, Ning Bo, carry on is promoted and set of compulsory and other places handle affairs orgnaization and after service center, make the after service of each district user got good safeguard.

Because science and technology progresses, efficiency promotion, make people begins to think, innovation gives way of a kind of new life, management, namely " one cartoon " idea of the life, government. And the furnish inductive card in building of factory, office, community, campus, hotel runs a system, make the daily life of people medium. Make " one cartoon " it is a concept only no longer alleged " one cartoon " , it is newsletter of integrated response card, automata, computer and network technology, make the people in location and caller, need only a piece of card, can enjoy such as passageway, consumption, have dinner and other all sorts of convenient, safety in daily life and social activity, comfortable service, also can improve management of this community interior and work efficiency at the same time. E.g. , school interior manages, simply gets stuck by right of a piece, can control employee discrepancy school door, allow turnover specific work place or books are used, stationery is gotten please, traffic car multiplies sit back and wait. Besides, still can use at firm dining room, interior bazaar, piscina, tonsorial those who wait for welfare establishment enjoy or medical expenses submits an expense account etc.
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