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Smartkey phone entrance guard manages a system to carry out a solution

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One, phone entrance guard manages systematic overview

common line, join comes controller of phone entrance guard. When caller is about to enter a gate, the telephone number that inputs resident on the clavier of controller of phone entrance guard (fixed phone or mobile phone number) or the room date of resident, or through menu scroll chooses room name, call resident. Caller identity confirms in the phone when resident hind, a number is inputted on the phone, open the door remotely. After resident hangs a phone, the phone that controller of phone entrance guard carries also can be cut off automatically.

Resident perhaps can input safe password to open the door through brushing the card, password that brush card. Can strengthen safe control through setting of time zone period of time.

Phone entrance guard managed a system to solve resident and caller to take the safe control issue of the door. Its biggest characteristic is the induction Carmen prohibits system and telephone network compositive together, use resident general to connect phone or the mobile phone affirms terminal as caller identity, when caller comes, no matter resident is to be in the home, the office or in road bussiness trip, can carry phone or mobile phone long-range remote control, open the door.

Pair of says entrance guard system products that system of management of phone entrance guard is pair of traditions upgrade. It need not wiring, save many cop and construction cost, installation is safeguarded reach its to go to the lavatory. It can introduce city word line already, can introduce in-house extension line again.

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