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System of check on work attendance of lab entrance guard devises a solution (att

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Communication uses RS232 mostly between controller of the entrance guard in traditional entrance guard system, RS422, the serial communication technology such as RS485 or photoelectricity segregation annulus [1, 2] . When installing entrance guard system, need alone wiring, interference rejection ability is poor, and the hardware resource that still takes up superstratum manages the computer, not only construction project amount is large, also bring a lot of inconvenience to entrance guard user. Especially spot of a few entrance guard (be like lab, high-grade office building, Intelligent villageEtc) of the building decorate and integrated wiring has been finished, do not allow to undertake new wiring, this more the applied field that limitted traditional entrance guard. The current period that uses extensively gets in the network, how to use aether net to transform system of check on work attendance of traditional lab entrance guard, the task that with establishing big range system of entrance guard of long-range distributed control makes an urgent need solve [3] . Here, the article put forward a kind of facilitating installation, need not the system of new wiring, check on work attendance of long-range distributed entrance guard that is based on existing aether net, this system passes the data that issues a personnel of lab of PC memory pass in and out, the communication change between will traditional entrance guard controller and superstratum management computer manages the has batch data communication between the computer to issue a PC and superstratum, raised the processing rate of entrance guard check on work attendance, and be inPrevious12 Next