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The design of system of check on work attendance of lab entrance guard

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Communication uses RS 232 mostly between controller of the entrance guard in traditional entrance guard system, RS 422, the serial communication technology such as RS 485 or photoelectricity segregation annulus [1, 2] . When installing entrance guard system, need alone wiring, interference rejection ability is poor, and the hardware resource that still takes up superstratum manages the computer, not only construction project amount is large, also bring a lot of inconvenience to entrance guard user. Especially spot of a few entrance guard (wait like village of lab, high-grade office building, intelligence) of the building decorate and integrated wiring has been finished, do not allow to undertake new wiring, this more the applied field that limitted traditional entrance guard. The current period that uses extensively gets in the network, how to use aether net to transform system of check on work attendance of traditional lab entrance guard, the task that with establishing big range system of entrance guard of long-range distributed control makes an urgent need solve [3] . Here, the article put forward a kind of facilitating installation, need not the system of new wiring, check on work attendance of long-range distributed entrance guard that is based on existing aether net, this system passes the data that issues a personnel of lab of PC memory pass in and out, the communication change between will traditional entrance guard controller and superstratum management computer manages the has batch data communication between the computer to issue a PC and superstratum, raised the processing rate of entrance guard check on work attendance, and be in occurrence problem of network news report when the stability that assured a system.

The design purpose of system of check on work attendance of this lab entrance guard is to realize data of personnel discrepancy control, check on work attendance to collect, convenient staff turnover opens data statistic and the automation; that information inquires a process lock and report for duty, circumstance of turn out for work of staff of lab of convenient administrator statistic, assessment, inquiry of convenient education staff, assessment rate of each class attendance. The system is used modular design, can cut out slightly transform for comfortable Yu Zhi the big range of a variety of different situations such as library of tourist attraction of village, park, can much campus is distributed system of check on work attendance of long-range entrance guard.

   2 systems function

Card examines when someone of time of the experiment on the time that system of entrance guard check on work attendance saves lab personnel to brush card in experimental time of the regulation and blame of; of information blocking bugle call brushs card whether effective, whether be the time that allows turnover paragraph, card is effective and in permission time paragraph control switch of electromagnetism door lock to open the door, save record of this pass in and out, give out otherwise call the police clew information. Be in according to the student is other and different, this system can identify the card of distinct category, control is different the permission of the person that use the time of pass in and out and the position that permit pass in and out. Can complete the operation that make card, also can undertake report the loss of sth to invalidation or lost IC check, the check that prevents to expire or be lost is continued to use, with controlling entrance guard effectively. The administrative software that total server of the system carries, achievable inquiry, statistic and create the function such as forms for reporting statistics automatically, convenient administrator presses a branch or attendance of student of date inquiry statistic, ask for leave wait for all sorts of records, these records can be stored by the large database product such as SQL Server 2000 or Oracle 9i. The end of check on work attendance of unit entrance guard of article system compares the system of other and existing distributed entrance guard that is based on aether net to have more functions, need of system of entrance guard check on work attendance returns the data reading card of end of whole and unit system well and truly in real time, but the newsletter performance that the turnover of staff of system of entrance guard check on work attendance that is based on aether net is registered and the speed of check on work attendance that register relies on a network, and the function of the network is not stable, in the network out of order or when occurrence data jams, the network has desired result and heavy hair automatically for many times, this affected the real time performance of system of whole entrance guard. Additional, in network occurrence breakdown, when if HUB or switching equipment break report, reticle to disconnect,the communication that waits for a reason to bring about computer of entrance guard controller and superstratum management is interrupted, whole system cannot work very well, the article carries the database when increasing to face in check on work attendance of unit entrance guard, use at storing lab staff turnover, check on work attendance is recorded temporarily, face duration to be able to use the small-sized database product of Access and so on according to the library. Appear in the network so breakdown when the data that can use check on work attendance of unit entrance guard to carry temporarily, enhanced systematic stability.
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