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Intelligence blocks a system, entrance guard check on work attendance jockeys st

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One, systematic demand

The administrative mind that how changes human nature and scientific and accurate administrative measure photograph are united in wedlock, make full use of the network foundation environment that owner already invested construction, the security that promotes owner office and other main room is on guard and run ability, improve administrative efficiency, reduce administrative cost?

I manage the proposal is used at present IC blocks the most advanced blame contact on international system of intelligent general management, this system was united in wedlock to be not contact IC to block technology and computer network to be in the data retrieval, communication, advantage that collects a respect, with a piece muti_function be not contact IC to get stuck to load an employee employee's card, entrance guard at the same time the administrative function such as current key, all enjoy contemporary intelligence to spend the part of the advantage that runs way below computer network environment.

In the meantime, ban through the door system and how to prevent, the intelligent linkage function of fire extinguishing system, how does implementation prevent systematic unifinication, timely response, call the police quickly, the oldest rate ensures the safety of company staff and property.

Additional, the success application in the numerous case that associate with comes to in structure of large-scale, much task, intricate network, tall use frequency for years is accumulated, make this entrance guard system is in versatility, the respect such as stability and the expansibility that need function of sue for peace all gets the better of a person to prepare.

2, overview of function of subsystem of electronic entrance guard

Tie system of listed entrance entrance guard originally, by controller, read card implement, identification card of contact of electromagnetism lock, blame and computer composition. Can wait for a place to undertake controlling to passageway of current door, passageway; To the passageway that installs control has real time government.

Use means of individual identification card to work. The person that to every authority is entered sends a piece of individual intelligence to get stuck, be equivalent to a key. The system can block the message such as date and present time according to what should get stuck, it is OK that judgement should block holder pass in and out. The worker should hang card before the bosom only or put inside pocket, before the door taking inside the handbag, the door can be opened automatically.

Get stuck through reading implement the card sign that reads the person that take every to hold card. Can record every to belong to door of turnover of cadre door employee to record at any time. Make sure bad check and bogus card cannot be used. What loss is caused after this system can add at any time and delete some to get stuck and need not fearing some card is missing. The system should have very high safety performance; Install and revise of the system have different limits of authority to different person. Blame contact blocks those who make get stuck to be able to counterfeit the gender turns into 0. In the light of some piece of card, a certain person, a certain imports and exports, a certain time paragraph, some kind calls the police, undertake the statistic such as movement, condition, operation, attributive inquires. The week that makes phasing answer, year, lunar forms for reporting statistics. The concerned information in the system the can self-recording, keep in storage that print, prevent the emergence of revisionism changes or defend the measure such as destroy by melting or burning. The system can record the card bugle call of the person that hold card immediately, enter the door date of the door, time, right not accredit holds calorie of person to be entered forcibly have a record and call the police, power source is interrupted do not affect the content that put store. Can call the police automatically with fire the channel that reachs control of linkage of its linkage system to concern and door.
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