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Li Weiteng rolls out the green wiring product that accords with RoHS standard

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Li Weiteng rolls out the green wiring product that accords with RoHS standard

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February20, 2008- just was entered 2008, chinese southern region confronted disaster of infrequent freezing rain snow. According to statistic of the State Council, this stricken be hit by a natural adversity province achieves 19 in calamity, enclothe basically whole south China, stricken be hit by a natural adversity number is in above of 100 million person, immediate pecuniary loss is in 50 billion yuan of above. The natural disaster that in recent years global each country suffers one after another, mean us to bilk the earth with living to begin to be faced with very austere zoology to challenge. Chinese government also had published a series of relevant policy, appeal the whole people pays attention to environmental protection, participate in environmental protection. Have the company of social sense of responsibility as, li Weiteng devotes oneself to to offer the green environmental protection, product that accords with RoHS standard to give an user all the time, in order to help the intelligent mansion that the user builds environmental protection of a true green. We begin to develop product of design environmental protection before two years, we announce formally today: Li Weiteng's core joins the product all uses the technology that do not have lead, ask strictly to produce according to RoHS standard. Establish Wei Tengsheng to produce production flow to had upgraded to solder to do not have lead advancedly in the round technological process, ensure all 6 kinds, exceed 5 kinds to socket, layout is worn and jump the line all accords with RoHS standard. GaryBernstein of director of product government department says Li Weiteng, "We announce in the to us user of this pride and acceptance: Our product accords with RoHS standard already completely. " your wiring product, green environmental protection? --

Alleged RoHS, restrict the standard standard that uses harmful material namely. RoHS2002/95/EC standard regulation is forbidden in electron and electric product use 6 kinds of harmful material, brigadier of this one mark produces far-reaching effect to global electron industry. All electrons that European Union sale enters after July 1, 2006 and electric product, must measure a level through RoHS check, and the California RoHS code that drafts according to standard of European Union RoHS subsequently also began go into effect on January 1, 2007.

RoHS restricts 6 kinds of when use in the product harmful material strictly to include: Lead (Pb) , mercuric (Hg) , cadmium (Cd) , 6 price are chromic (the much CrVI) , bromiccer benzene that change couplet (PBB) and much bromine change 2 benzene aether (PBDE) , because these stuff are right the environment is very dangerous, pollute litter badly, in be being made at the same time and using a process circularly, produce a harm to operating the personnel of personnel or bring into contact with, mix to children, pregnant woman especially the harm of the old person is more serious. Forbidden in electron and electric product the risk sex that uses these material to will reduce a harm greatly.
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