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Domestic automation and how to prevent to tall compositive develop with digitliz

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Domestic automation and how to prevent to tall compositive spend and digitlize in the round develop

In digital family system, enjoy besides network video, trendy electron and seeing and hearing besides, domestic automation and the role with how prevent equipment to also be being acted important. Alleged family automation, it is to point to use electronic technology to come the product of electronic electric equipment with control compositive or medium home or system (for example system of equipment of furnace of floodlight, coffee, computer, security personnel, central heating and air conditioning system, inspect the) such as dispatch and sound system. Its function implementation basically passes platform of a central management to receive come from sensor (can the change of inductive outside ambient, if sun rises the light that sunset place causes to change,wait) information, again with product of established electric equipment of electron of programme controll other. Besides can pass all sorts of interfaces (screen of clavier, feeling, pushbutton, computer, phone, remote controller) outside the electric equipment product in control the home, building host still can send control to signal gives central processing device and accept the information that comes from central processing equipment at the same time.

How does the family prevent equipment to had taken the train that boarded to digitlize. Contemporary passing technology of feeling technology, digital information processing, digital communication technology, computer technology, multimedia technology and network technology is among them prompt a factor. And newest how to prevent facility also already the collection that gradual progress prevents information to can realize all sorts of installing, processing, transmit and indication expensive compositive system. Complete how to prevent a system to basically include entrance guard, call the police and monitoring 3 much, network monitoring is among them main facility. The whole world increases blow fire damp explosion of horrible organization activity, colliery and other those who break out communal and safe accident looked up to raise taller and taller requirement to network supervisory equipment. In addition, the application such as analysis of behavior of client service spot, client also is promoting the development of network supervisory equipment. In these demand drive below, network supervisory equipment also experienced complete imitate, part to digitlize two development phase, stepping the development new level of comprehensive digitlization in in big strides.

Taller compositive domestic automation system

Domestic automation is a of digital family important system, when digital family just appeared, domestic automation is equal even at digital family. Till today, it still is one of core of digital family, but home appliance of the general application that has intelligent household as network technology, network / the maturity of information home appliance, the function will blend in a lot of products of domestic automation to go in these new products, make pure domestic automation product less and less in systematic design thereby, its core position also quilt family network / place of domestic information system is replaced, the control network share in regarding a family as the network produces effect in intelligent household. At present the famousest domestic automation system is American X-10.
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