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Door of guard against theft: The businessman plays " suddenly turn hostile " we

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"Suddenly turn hostile " be Sichuan opera is famous absolutely vivid, pass closely nothing more than, but have boss of door of a few guard against theft not to know to learned to come from where this is absolutely vivid however now, is letting numerous consumer be distinguished hard after all " plum ghost " or " Li Kui " ? To distinguish real features, we say, what do these businessmen have " suddenly turn hostile " absolutely vivid? Why be to change of check? How should consumer is opposite?

Way one, change a waists-coat

Develop business: "What we offer to owner is door of guard against theft, not be the door that prevent prize. The card of label of the door that prevent prize on the door, be the worker sticks a fault. " yesterday, development business representing goes up in the court such explanations

Cause: Door industry employer " pilfer " " prize " one word is poor hundreds yuan

Accord with national level, the price of door of guard against theft that has standard letter all is in 1000 yuan of above, some is as high as 2000 multivariate. "If the price under 1000 yuan, I dare be door of false guard against theft for certain. " a boss of management door course of study is patting chest to say, the plate face plate with on the market 1 thick millimeter is controlled every tons for 7200 yuan, doorcase hot-rolling armor plate every tons 6500 yuan or so. If reach national level, the armor plate cost that makes door of a guard against theft needs 700 yuan, a price of acceptable lock of guard against theft should be in 100 yuan of above, wait for charge plus inserts, spray paint, and cost of freight, installation, do not calculate the cost of door itself, its are add cost is already close 300 yuan.

The expert inside course of study introduces, door of eligible guard against theft is due and clear firm label. A door of eligible guard against theft its regular price not under 1000 yuan of bottom lines. And because the door that prevent prize need not carry out national level, often may be in a lot of annulus restrict cost successively, also had the advantage on the price.

Expert: Changed " waists-coat " either door of guard against theft

Nanjing city pledges the analysis says inspect bureau concerned public figure yesterday, according to " exit of guard against theft is general technical condition " standard, to the doorcase of door of guard against theft, door leaf, guard against theft the component such as the lock has very firm demand. Be like: Door body is in 30 kilograms of sandbag are soft after pounding load action 9 times, should not arise those who be more than 5 millimeter is sunken be out of shape etc, if once was tagged,produce a business " door of guard against theft " , when detecting, be about to undertake detecting by national level, and the quality of door of most guard against theft hard pass a barrier. Then, a few " clever " the enterprise was thought up " change horses armour " method, with this flicker consumer. A few steel pledge the door prevents ruinous experiment to open door time not to exceed 5 minutes, it is national level class A only the 1/3 that regulation of the most average level asks, the industry standard that place of individual even business implements is basic to this one crucial index do not have a requirement, this kind of product lacks basic safe safeguard.
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