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Intelligence of building of business affairs of blue sky of jasper of the be in

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Project general situation

In building of business affairs of blue sky of jasper of • of be in harmony is located in center of banking of international of mouth of Pudong land home, north faces yellow Bu river bank, lie between market phase to inspect with edifice of trade of center of conference of international of Oriental bright phearl, Shanghai, gold, stand erect at the center of space of floor of finance of mouth of Pudong Home Xiaoliu, total floor area makes an appointment with 100 thousand square metre, height 220 meters. Underground is garage, ground 4 layers on 1 - 4 are annex of commercial form a complete set, 5 - 43 are center of office of commerce of international 5A banking, place of top of 220 meters of high-rise establishs urban sightseeing garden. It is one has international top-ranking establishment and the large building of office of large international finance that design a level first-rate. Configuration of building principal part uses curvilinear triangle elliptic, make each room can enjoy beautiful scenery of yellow riverside river adequately.

Intelligence turns a project

The situation with advantageous building of business affairs of blue sky of jasper of • of the be in harmony in the basis and the function that finance handles official bussiness locate, construction just asks to build a modernization, the intelligence of high level changes a structure.

Correspond information

Fiber-optic + arrives 6 kinds between office (comprehensive information box) integrated wiring system, be an unit fiber-optic or cupreous cable receives business of telephone of Internet, fictitious exchange to wait offerred rich alternative; The property with complete independent physics manages computer local area network, the information safety that is a local area network offerred high assurance; TV of a few satellites and cable television receive the program such as the news that provided rich and colorful, finance and economics, recreation; Inside elevator, with elevator moving condition shows in all the multimedia information of screen releases a system, the visit that is ab extra client was brought real time the user seeks advice (the room order that receives an unit and berth floor synchronism are shown) ; The background music of multichannel news source provided relaxed and happy work environment, function of advanced urgent broadcast linkage makes his urgent accident broadcast gets convenient, reliable assurance.

Build equipment monitoring

Cold heat former, air conditioning (new wind) , the monitoring that waits for a system to catchment, wind sending a platoon, illume, change of the system such as distribution, elevator monitor reach inspect to show, advanced aether net monitoring (inspect is shown) design and establishment, assured energy-saving, efficient administration.

Safe be on guard

Careful, perfect safety is on guard (TV monitoring, guard against theft / appeal call the police, make one's rounds more, entrance guard, elevator reads calorie of control) establishment and measure, provided safe, easy office environment for the building.
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