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No longer not lukewarm not blaze is retreated into copper is fiber-optic develop

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The development of fiber-optic technology and fiber-optic industry, it is before a few years not lukewarm all the time not fire, actually fiber-optic technology is accumulating exert oneself to measure ceaselessly all the time. As the enlarge look of backbone network, fiber-optic development eventually when inflection point hour.

The pluvial snow with infrequent history of this southern experience puts aspic calamity on the ice, chinese telecommunication is here second calamity rebuilds more in working program, put forward clearly to because pluvial snow freezes calamity causes collapse of telegraphic lever road, circuitry to damage,be opposite this, need the area that after undertaking calamity, rebuilds, use cable to replace original cupreous cable; to realize communication network to bring the development gradual progress of cable network by Xiang Kuan of network of tape copper cable.

New application calls taller bandwidth

Chase fadein hill as the multimedia business such as our country IPTV, interactive entertainment roric, the whole nation already had many to save city to plan to undertake broadband network is transformed. China is telegraphic the name is " light is retreated into copper " the broadband carries fast strategy to be being carried out. Alleged light is retreated into copper, change the village cable to the cupreous cable between the driveway namely, stand by cable as far as possible to the user, final implementation is fiber-optic arrive door.

In the progressively construction of construction of net of land with certain boundaries of our country city, 3G, IPTV, FTTH, concerned branch already put forward to upgrade to having network of broadband copper cable transform a requirement. In addition still maintain perch to move at present as a result of cupreous price, a variety of elements made what retreat the strategy into copper solely come on stage.

Fiber-optic participate in fight ice to provide disaster relief

In this next process, chinese telecommunication will introduce PON(passive optical network) equipment of unifinication of technology and speech, data, network of implementation country communication brings the development gradual progress of cable network by Xiang Kuan of network of tape copper cable.

At present price of market glazing fine already under the cupreous cable that is the same as length, and fiber-optic bandwidth latent capacity is tremendous. Completely hundreds of pairs circuit can not be likened to fiber-optic bandwidth, should match only with proper equipment, the bandwidth with odd fiber-optic root can reach the level of 155M at least, can achieve 2.5G ~ 10G commonly, highest can amount to 40G. Cupreous price rises the fall that reachs fiber-optic price, to had begun to turn the industry brought warm fiber-optic, cable to last to good dynamical cause.

EPON takes the lead in defeating because of maturity bureau

Current, optical network of EPON(aether passive) with optical network of passive of GPON(auspicious bit) it is at present business of domestic and international operation uses more PON to receive kind. For the angle that lays in from the technology, EPON and GPON are technical principle differs merely, type of its group wire mould, business receives ability, project to carry out etc is identical, but EPON is used in business precede on pace one pace. The technical catenary of EPON and industrial catenary are more mature, participate in a manufacturer numerous, and had changed several times, solved commercialized great majority problem, the most important is it already dimensions application, cost is so inferior.
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