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Be proud defend RFID intelligence key wide the Ke Xing of this car bandits

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On Feburary 22, 2008, southern Metropolis Daily reported Baoan area procuratorate is approved catch one only this pilfer Guangzhou cropland the gang of the car in all 4 members, according to introducing, this group of person was in Baoan since the portion in September 2007 oneself the area installs street and other places newly to commit the crime 11 cases, its will commit the crime target lock is in surely wide this each car is. It is reported, they have technology of a skilled pilfer, have special decoder, and this gang division of labor is clear, formed a relatively fixed pilfer to sell channel. The personage inside course of study points out, wide this car department welcomes by the market, just sell after pilfer is procurable, because this is easy,be stared at to go up by larcenous gang.

Not come singly but in pairs, the author is learned, on Feburary 17, 2008, press down in fairness of county of abundant of sea of Shan end city, produced Guangzhou one case this cropland Odyssey by pilfer unsuccessful case.

Accident the before dawn that day at 3 o'clock, car advocate Mr Huang is opening him from Guangzhou before New Year Odyssey car answered native place to spend the New Year, the car stops in the roadside with downstair oneself, be in when all people in be enmeshed in sleep, thief comes however patronage.

Because the car of Mr Huang is in in Feburary 2006 when assembled be proud defend key of intelligent guard against theft, was to break 3 starting equipment such as circuit, oil path, starting motor automatically below the status that suspends travel in car. Thief is pressed before gimmick pulled down computer of drive a vehicle thinks can prevail, little imagine cannot start a car completely however, perhaps thief tries to start car with other way, but long exercise is noisy also woke car advocate the neighbour of Mr Huang, (because the SIM inside the car gets stuck at that time,do not have money, did not call the police in time so announcement car advocate) should be reached to escape by discovery hind the spot. Although the circuitry of part love a car of Mr Huang suffers the destruction of thief, but still be to feel happy the car was not stolen.

Be aimed at this matter, the author from be proud defend general manager of limited company of beautiful electron of star of Shenzhen of agent of intelligent key Shenzhen Zhao Jing Guoxian gives birth to place understanding to, this company acts as agent be proud defend intelligent key at present Shenzhen market has many collaboration businessman, product from last year second half of the year enters Shenzhen market, nearly 3000 assembles models had not appeared at present by pilfer phenomenon, suffer Guangzhou especially this cropland car advocate welcome.
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