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Building intelligence changes form a complete set to purchase city of Suzhou of

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Long-term since, no matter industry user, still be a system compositive business, the building intelligence that suffer from cannot find a major, concentration changes systematic product to purchase a point, nowadays, this one state will adapt.

On March 7, 2008 morning, intelligence of building of guild of Suzhou town building changes branch to be held ceremoniously in market of the electron that surpass case " calm dot purchases the market " hang out one's shingle ceremony. Intelligence of chairman of flourish of Zang Xin of guild of Suzhou town building, building changed chairman of branch Kang Hao to attend a ceremony, present still building intelligence spends chapter supplier of product of more than 100 form a complete set inside 28 members unit and market of the electron that surpass case. Market of electron of Suzhou game squares formed by crossed lines also became what the our city is building intelligence first times to change development form a complete set to purchase to choose the market surely at this point!

Intelligence of building of guild of Suzhou town building changes Suzhou of the administer below branch intelligence of 28 representative buildings turns construction unit, all have a country to relevant aptitude is maintained and design construction ability outstandingly, represented Suzhou to build intelligence to change the highest standard of the service, be like among them new 100 million enlighten equipment of company of intelligent science and technology, industry is installation group, medium company of division intelligence engineering, with square science and technology, fine China the enterprise such as company of engineering of all of computer science department all is in Suzhou building intelligence changes the market to have higher market to have capacity of rate kimono Wu.

Building intelligence influences branch and market of electron of Suzhou game squares formed by crossed lines (have Suzhou the most large-scale how to defend monitoring product zone) friendly collaboration is established jointly " building intelligence changes calm dot to purchase the market " , brand of the make choice of on the product that should building Cheng of intelligent chemical industry namely and technical service, assure quality and standard, pass industry ego standard and product certification, there is dot of assuring professional market decided at the higher level but not officially announced to purchase in character and service, for industry standardization construction has beneficial attempt!

The 3 buildings of market of electron of Suzhou game squares formed by crossed lines gathered how does major of close a hunderd schools prevent agency of wire of monitoring, network and company, already formed for Suzhou scale is the at present largest how to defend monitoring product zone. The business inside the zone door product line is substantial, include monitoring kinescope, guard against theft to call the police, make one's rounds of entrance guard series, public broadcasting, check on work attendance more, group telephone call, live in series to wait to saying product, intelligence involve civil and enterprise, of all kinds product, breed is all ready, what for extensive information project, system project of compositive, security, traffic, fire control and floor space intelligence turn engineering company is one-stop the product purchases first selection, can apply to residential village, project and large and public facilities extensively to offer a technology to support kimono Wu. The product includes " nocturnal wolf " intelligent guard against theft calls the police, warning apparatus of boreal suitable monitoring, hour; Below the pine, SamSung is photographed picture; Rich world take precautions against burglars calls the police; Telephone call of Xi Menzi group; Have Motolora to saying a product, be good at five, connect very easily etc, all be domestic and international well-known trademark.
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