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Guard against theft of cable of sword of well-illuminated of iron of city of cro

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Before dawn was controlled partly at 1 o'clock in November in April, guard against theft of cable of computer room of brook of red of town of Fujian Pu cropland implement abrupt give an alarm, elementary school cable interrupts Chang Lin. Crouch subsequently defend in south the Fujian Pu Tian Tie of suburb village tells group of joint defence group 8 people are driven toward the spot instantly, block up through surrounding, arrest 2 theft member, run away. Capture is connected by pilfer iron 100 pairs of cable many meters 100, guilty suspect already turned over public security branch to handle, at present this case is in farther cognizance.

Came recently, fujian Pu Tian Tie connects photoelectricity cable to be had to happen repeatedly by pilfer, incident be destructived, affected normal communication quality badly, caused bigger loss. Because Pu Tian is ab extra Wu work staff is much, security of society is randommer; And some cabled yarn lay the location is more remote, cannot accomplish effectiveMonitoring, these were offerred for the criminal commit the crime advantageously condition. Then Pu Tian Tie connects an organization to build employee of dimension department section and construction group to establish joint defence group to undertake couchant defending, strengthen daily and perambulatory wait for measure to undertake ensuring, got certain result. This case is Pu Tian Tie communication and liaison prevents a group to pass careful deploy, crouch 3 days repeatedly, arrest guilty suspect just now.

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