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Warning apparatus has " argot " listen to alarm bell to be able to judge what is

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Town of collect of collect prosperous county one village public security, civilian have one set

Switch of village outfit warning apparatus receives each the home

Lane of grain of town of collect of collect prosperous county is 3 lis one only 3 street villages, but every street everywhere installs the warning apparatus in conspicuous position it is thus clear that, the circuit switch of these warning apparatus receives every dweller home. Fasten small look the action of these small warning apparatus, newspaper alarm bell has awe effect to the criminal not only, and village dweller basis of warning apparatus noise " argot " clew, can judge have what thing, great and convenient their life. Province Public Security Department and collect prosperous county arrive about sectional chief after this village survey, to grain lane 3 lis this one practice undertook height is evaluated. It is reported, deliver a village through siren information and solve dweller life difficult problem, in me province and even whole nation do not see more.

For guard against theft

Grain lane warning apparatus of 3 lis of village mount

This is only 3 common county villages of 117 street, other peoples. In town of collect of collect prosperous county, this village calculates small.

Be located in the grain lane inside dormitory of bureau of commissariat of collect prosperous county 3 lis of villages include " two long one short " path of 3 main stem, if be to walk this village 3 street, namely the distance of half many hour. But what differ with other village is, this village is street go up what everywhere sees is each calls the police loudhailer, some are hanged below the dweller's eave, some are hanged on telegraph pole.

The street is each on the road " small horn " , every " small horn " connecting " guard against theft fights cruel warning apparatus " , switch of warning apparatus circuitry received each each. Every other people here should press switch gently only, those who go up is hang high in the street to call the police loudhailer can ring.

Qiu Tianfu is deputy director general of bureau of check of bureau of tax of collect prosperous state, he at the same time obligation holds the position of grain lane of 3 lis of villages treat keep a head one duty. Qiu Tianfu's home lives in grain lane 3 lis of villages, its home is the village is treated maintain the office of the room. He tells a reporter, 3 years ago, in public security bureau of collect prosperous county collect city police station piece alarm below the help, 3 lis of villages are in the lane that press down grain 3 street and conspicuous positions take the lead in installing on " guard against theft fights cruel warning apparatus " .

"The lane that press down grain although 3 lis of villages are small, but rental room is mostly all round the village, discrepancy of ab extra population is more frequent. " Director Qiu says, "Only 9 counties that the resident of our village comes from 4 province areas of countrywide, personnel is complex. We install warning apparatus at the outset, also be to stem from village dweller safety to consider. "
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