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Police village is installed " cupreous silk warning apparatus " reachcapture onl

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Recently, village of Chinese opening sequence installed drum-tower area high-tech " Lou Yu is prevented climb warning apparatus of breakpoint of silk climbing copper " . Via discovery of police spot maneuver, together subtle the fine copper silk with invisible naked eye, installation is on floor space metope, should involve climbing wicked body only a little bring into contact with, "Have a thief " information passes radio question mark instantly, convey police. When the spot interviews the reporter yesterday, village dweller dares to thief people " provoke " : Come to catch.

Climb frequency of wall pilfer burgalry to send, the policeman recalls golden key point

According to police introduction, village of Chinese opening sequence is located in mouth of across of Shanghai road, Chinese opening sequence, the village closes the gender is better, and the installation on floor space metope is prevented climb thorn, but since 2007, the village happens many cases to climb climb room theft case. Happened two cases to climb again on March 6 this year climb room theft case. How to perfect a village inside be on guard measure, put an end to room the case that invade money, became a difficult problem.

Analysis of drum-tower police station thinks, the suspect uses the characteristic such as the Yi Banshe after preventing ageing climbing thorn commonly, climb from wall body climb room. Community policeman Zhang Ning is visited on the spot, think on wall body if what lose sight of together defend net, thief general nowhere stay. But, nanjing has a share only at present high-grade village installed infra-red probe to come on wall bodyMonitoringGeneral reason of the different on metope besides, and this facility cost is high, popularize inside major village hard. Zhang Ning discovered on the net silk of a copper is prevented climb climb warning apparatus, its principle and infra-red probe are same, just changed aeriform infrared ray corporeal cupreous silk. Police inspects discovery on the spot, this one root is fine if if cobweb is pulled commonly,send filar copper cash,go up in wall body, and not easy discovery, be in especially inky late night, criminal almost cannot peek body of wall of this one root apparently cupreous silk. But once thief is climbed from floor space metope climb, after silk of copper of lay a finger on, install the extension in floor house unit to will launch radio question mark to lead plane, lead plane is dialed automatically to the mobile phone number that has set beforehand, send early-warning short message, inform in Lou Yu a certain place has a suspect to climb climb. Security personnel and patrol the policeman will arrive in time, arrest guilty suspect.
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