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Be engaged in the action far Xiaozhang of business of wholesale purchase and sale, the freight car of river of a prosperous that just bought after the Spring Festival let him headache recently unceasingly. Go to the lavatory for the graph originally and the lock accuses in the door of installation ineffable however out of control, and department of the maintenance that decide a dot states refus is repaired again, this makes Xiaozhang true be at a loss what to do a bit.

This year March, small Zhang Congzhao is farCarAfter the city buys a car, be in the urban districtCar decorateUnit of guard against theft charges in was being installed. Did not think of firm a the middle of a month accuses door lock abrupt out of control. After to maintenance the dot is checked, as a result of,discovery is so guard against theft implement what circuit receives a fault to create a vehicle is medium accuse burn down of module of door lock circuit. Maintaining a ministry to maintain is installation guard against theft implement caused trouble, not be problem of car oneself quality, because this refuses,give guarantee.
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