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Make contributions of Founder farmhouse warning apparatus late night " take " li

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Recently, in Founder county Yi Han knows native place thieve of night of a little thief, the warning apparatus that is installed by master home " discover " , be detained by police subsequently.

That evening 23 when make, founder county Yi Han connects countryside to hold the post of person of Home Deshanyi to be slept lightly by the alarm bell of warning apparatus, ren Deshan and son Ren Weitao come to warehouse stealthily, discover a man is stealing a thing, seize its on the spot subsequently.

Yi Han connects policeman of country police station to undertake interrogating is informed to the suspect, this person is surnamed plum, 51 years old, shandong person, did not work formally all the time. At sitting from guest county that day midday the passenger car comes to Founder county, beside the freeway when Feng of the dweller in the crow of precondition and hand report are being carried to slip into collect after the day is black Home Gui Bin, a value inside the courtyard pilfer of cropland car machine takes 1100 multivariate harbor, carry arrives high speed roadside, assume a post then again undertake larcenous inside warehouse of heart hill home, did not think of by warning apparatus " discovery " .

Current, the warning apparatus that Yi Han connects countryside to had been installed through farmer home uncovered larcenous case two cases. Suspect Li Mou already was detained by criminal of public security mechanism, the case still is in farther cognizance.

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