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Global head money " dactylogram, IC, photograph collection " machine of entrance

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To branch of the boss of the enterprise, human affairs, service, care company check on work attendanceManagementfor people, by the occurrence of the 3200t of machine of check on work attendance of entrance guard of new intelligence dactylogram that flexible age makes on Beijing, it is a heart-stirring good news absolutely. This machine, OK and aleatoricChoice"Dactylogram " " IC gets stuck " " photograph collection " 3 kinds of means undertake playing card, open the door, its can be used as machine of check on work attendance not only, also can treat as entrance guard undertakes use. Most commendable is, all theseFunctionCan be aimed at the client's need with use means and measure a body to make.

Above all, dekko Jing grand!

Machine of check on work attendance of entrance guard of 3200t intelligence dactylogram, overturned thoroughly people is big to foolish of machine of check on work attendance, entrance guard machine, rude, Mechanicaltraditional impression. Classics of calendar of master of this design outside cooperating a country by personnel of research and development 3 years of casting becomes with respect to office high-quality goods, should reflect the wind with user outstanding and lineal enterprise just about model, with elegant and deep culture.

Next, connotation is deep!

Unprecedented "ModuleConvert functional option " , say simply, it is what you need, what to offer.
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