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England will push biology identifying Id to ensure the country is safe

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Yesterday, england is municipal chancellery Yaji Smith expresses in London, british general from 2009 metaphase begins to carry out the Id that contains biology data, working personnel of more than 200 thousand airport will become a crowd that approves try out new id card. According to introducing, this kind of Id passes scanning, in can inputting the biology feature such as the dactylogram of the person that use chip. Smith thinks, this action is to ensure British country safety, be on guard effectively terror suspect, have crime registrar or take refugee application by refus person wait for use holiday identity to enter England. In addition, begin from 2011, all British citizens will begin to use new id card. British government still expresses, also will be the foreign nationality personage that is in England to issue this kind of id card since this year November. Before this, ever somebody is afraid, new id card may involve the security of individual privacy.

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