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Zhejiang sea enabled cooperative medical treatment to submit an expense account

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Zhejiang sea peaceful information on March 11 report: Attend cooperative iatrical dweller, medical expenses submits an expense account this year more convenient. Be in a hospital to be able to brush card in real time not only, service station of 160 many community sanitation and village clinic can be brushed finish sth.

It is reported, began March, zhejiang sea peaceful city attends cooperative medical treatment to submit an expense account achieve enclothe completely, the dweller all can be in whole town by card of IC of cooperative medical treatment service station of all community sanitation (village clinic) enjoy convenient and quick outpatient service to brush card to submit an expense account in real time.

Zhejiang sea peaceful city adds up to a canal to do chief to say, installation of the open invite public bidding that passes nearly 4 months, soft hardware, debug wait for the job, to the end of Feburary, service station of sanitation of more than 160 community of Hai Ning whole town (village clinic) provided computer, printer, brush card implement wait for hardware equipment, the installation of software system debugs the job to be finished basically already also. Ginseng add up to a dweller to still can get stuck by IC in community sanitation service station (village clinic) inquire the outpatient service inside year, be in hospital already submitted an expense account directly on computer wait for content.

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