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Fruit of Xinjiang suddenly Er this port enables IC to block an electron to block

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It is those who strengthen discrepancy condition goods to superintend, raise custom to superintend effectiveness, accelerate involve rate. From March 1 only then, fruit of Xinjiang suddenly Er this port content sheds a center, unexpectedly 3 old goods yard execute center of center of weather customer service, constant letter storage formally custom electron blocks a mouth to superintend, this mark is worn suddenly Er fruit this storage of port foreign trade is superintended stepped a new level.

As we have learned, "The electron blocks buccal system " application is Xinjiang Huo Er the main component that Guo Sihai closes storehouse of bank of speak or sing alternately to realize informatization, network management. Application " the electron blocks buccal system " hind, suddenly Er Guo Sihai closes to move paper cent hand over IC of only evidence instead to block management, of goods piece, into, put wait for condition below the informatization monitoring of all park custom, the enterprise undertakes by IC card the identity affirms, via checking after relevant discharged information, can deal with relevant formalities easily.

Current, suddenly Er Guo Sihai closes to had begun to realize stereo network monitoring to the storehouse inside its area under administration, make superintendency storehouse is on intensive to change moving course. Since March 1, discrepancy condition car puts calorie of check by electronic nucleus entirely, the car that did not obtain electronic inspect pipe buckle is same do not grant discharged.

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