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Nanjing carries out social security " one cartoon " technical issue can be solve

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Social security " one cartoon " will execute in the whole nation before long, can Nanjing encounter an obstacle on technical operation? Yesterday, nanjing town work ensures relevant personnel of the branch to tell a reporter, want policy to fulfil only, nanjing will be received easily " one cartoon " .

Come true in butt joint whole nation " one cartoon " in be being operated actually, can be a few difficulty encountered on the technology? When king section chief accepts a reporter to interview, say, on the operation do not have what obstacle basically, alone is in at the beginning join on, can encounter a few small issues. For instance present " gold maintains a project " , although it lets be in charge of a branch to be able to see the fundamental condition of each city county clearly, include an individual the pertinent information such as regulation of cost of record of cost of fundamental condition, pay, pay. But between city and city, the circumstance between city and county is transmitted without method, that is to say, at present this information platform still cannot be saved completely share, this can be caused examine a data, must pass manual input, increased an amount so, may affect proper time.

King section chief says, if the policy of each district was united entirely, through the job of early days, the pertinent information that omits each city county completely is OK share on this information platform, the operation rises also very will convenient.

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