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Bureau of logistics of beautiful national defence signs 8.5 million order to tur

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Bureau of logistics of American national defence (DefenseLogisticsAgency, abbreviation DLA) installing 1800 many new printer and coder a few days ago, supply with using RFID technology at tracking ammunition goods and materials. DLA and company of Lowry computer product signed value to be as high as 5 years of contracts of 8.5 million dollar, in order to order printer and coder. This company carries out vice-president SteveLowry to be told, this year 2 to April, DLA ordered printer of 1804 the 2nd acting UHF and coder to its in all.

These printer and coder are in installation the world 21 national defence store carry center. Regard American army as distribution centre, these centers are used at receiving, store and order the printer of for military use that comes from army base or coder. These central scale are again a few larger can form a national defence store carry center. The intelligence of the printer that just orders the SL4M model at Printronix company, coder and Lowry company tracks label to will be used at going out to carry label makes the electron of goods. Of course, serve to sticking the goods entering a station of label to also can offer ticket of goods in stock according to standard of label of freight of RFID of American department of defense. Because the supplier did not offer ticket, the inestimable also goods that enter a station needs SteveLowry after all label of electron of how many RFID.

According to early days and another contract of the manufacturer, chu Yunzhong heart had installed national defence RFID reads a head system and a few printer or coder. Lowry says, "I had seen UID and the capacious prospect that RFID technology applies this year. " new-style printer or coder will replace an existing form to pile up printer, RFID intelligence label also can be included have bar code pattern already. Whether does he also does not know new-style printer or the use of coder represent the application of technology of RFID of hurried of force of American department of defense. Nevertheless he admits, the ticket that offers to the company makes equipment, the department of defense still has very large interest.

In to discrepancy the goods and materials of for military use of Chu Yunzhong heart is carried out dog on, american department of defense basically is the RFID system that uses passive. Active RFID system basically finishs pair of goods in road dog. The characteristic of this one system is, use the target thing that installation is on roadside or remote blame contact reads a head to have ticket to sticking to have a record. 5 years when Lowry company signs period the contract of label of other passive RFID that the contract is equivalent to the department of defense signing roughly, and compare with photograph of contract of active RFID label, be inferior to far however.

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