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IC of intelligence of type of a flight of stairs blocks the water meter applicat

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Of the ceaseless progress as human society, industrialized process accelerate ceaselessly and the rapid development that the city builds, these reach the management that use water to bring unprecedented Ju force to urban water supply. So the effective, reasonable development of fresh water resource is used already made cosmopolitan main task, in domestic majority the city faces the situation that lacks water resource badly, it is difficult that a lot of areas are faced with water cost to capture, people is right paid of use water natural resources the development that from Qian sex hasten of El of issue of the not tall, issue that use water affects an industry badly to build. To alleviate water supply contradicts, science, accurate, control surely with water, achieve standardization, automation administration, then the researcher gave Ic to block system of water meter of the imprest intelligence that expend type and manage of carry out conduit with respect to successful development. This product is novel, metric control is accurate, the operation is simple, installation is convenient, agree with all sorts of water meter form a complete set that home uses at present, it is the good product that conduit water achieves automation administration.

1 intelligence IC gets stuck form

Intelligent IC blocks water meter by automata implement, metric watch and water sell a powerful person of control of unifinication of intelligent IC card, Electromechanical, water 5 much form administrative system. Water is metric automata implement (abbreviation) the core component that is intelligent water meter, it is south one exceeds small-sized computer to control systematic composition, interior uses sheet piece the computer technology, water meter photograph that passes feeling technology, automata technology and tradition is united in wedlock, undertake to the dosage of water gage is controlled, this controller chip is in a design, circuit design is original, have knowledge bogus, prevent steal, LCD shows, hour hand control, acousto-optic a variety of functions such as clew, do interference capability is strong, reliability is high, metric and accurate.

The Ic that water meter of intelligent IC card uses is the IC with at present general international data blocking type puts store implement, can draw up arbitrarily not only the water data of purchase in advance, and still made preventing bogus to add be reached closely handle from error correction. Entire check is elegant and easy, the user is used very convenient.

Water controls Electromechanical unifinication the important executive part that a powerful person is intelligent water meter, it receives the statement that controller issues, can carry out movement of switch a powerful person in time, achieve the enlightened, goal that cuts off fountainhead. This a powerful person designs choiceness, internal composition is compact, simple, beautiful and exterior small and exquisite, easy, person door installation is convenient.
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