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IC card manages Harbin taxi systematic development and application

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Harbin has a taxi more than 13000, rental company more than 140, from personnel of course of study nearly 30 thousand people, so large trade, inevitably conference appears owe cost not guest of capture, bully slaughters guest, cause trouble to escape wait for a phenomenon. Below this kind of circumstance, a few of Harbin large and rental companies rise jointly introduce developed IC to block taxi valuation implement run a system with IC card.

According to company demand, every valuation implement should install expire calibrating time and battalion carry frequency can undertake IC blocks settle accounts. When the time that achieves set or battalion carry frequency, valuation implement driver of can automatic clew returns a company, each government that accepts company or calibrating section provision and service. The time that exceeds set or battalion carry frequency still do not return a company, valuation implement will shut automatically, stop battalion carry to show. After the driver returns a company, company administrator collects valuation through brushing card implement information of total battalion carry () of the time when course of development of total travel course of development, total battalion use, add up to, total business amount, total business number, detail of battalion carry data (every time time of car of battalion carry date, fluctuation, await amount of time, plan Cheng, Ic to block settle accounts frequency, Ic to block) of settle accounts amount, in transmitting a company to install carry having camp to manage the computer of tiring-room software, undertake data processing, can print the detail detailed list of corresponding content, analytic statistical graph, offer company administrator analysis, use and decision-making. After data is collected, company administrator is made afresh switch on the mobile phone card, use open valuation implement, valuation regard highly is new enter battalion carry state. Ordinal loop, go round and round.

Among them, IC card can divide it is 4 kinds:

(1) control card: The company uses the card that runs computer management system.

(2) test chart: In valuation implement when occurrence breakdown needs to maintain, use, can have each projects revise but do not collect data.

(3) driver gets stuck: Use at switch valuation implement, read take valuation implement the data in, read data person computer through card reader.

(4) capital gets stuck: Use at the passenger takes a car to brush calorie of settle accounts, in the future but as general as the bus.

Main function of the system and working process:

Working flow chart shows 1 times like the graph:

Graph 1

Graph 1
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