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Lucky Sa science and technology is released use piece on the AE56U of USB contro

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On March 3, 2008, lucky Sa science and technology announces to roll out this company the first is used at using piece on USB (general and serial bus line) 32 MCUAE56U that the intelligence of controller blocks. Your card applies the USB that this parts of an apparatus applies to domain of function of sign one's name of number of executive height security, for example online bank business. Sample shipment will begin from Japan in June 2008.

AE56U is to use AE-532 CPU kernel compose builds, the MCU side that already blocked application in intelligence established successful record; It is compositive height is reliable piece go up EEPROM (report but erasure and but process designing is read-only memory) ; In the meantime, executable the following function in order to provide Gao Shuiping's function and admirable performance/price ratio.

(1) compositive general I/O port, can realize admirable peripheral function expansibility

Besides high-powered, admirable security and large memory capacity, AE56U is compositive still use piece on the general I/O port that the place of intelligent card MCU of USB controller needs. Accordingly, when compositive the USB of AE56U makes the card joins when a PC or similar terminal, with the peripheral inside terminal join can become very easy, be used at showing data for example or show the LCD controller that put.

(2) support USB2.0 (amain) 12Mbps data transmission rate

AE56U passes supportive USB2.0 (amain) , conduce to will use piece on the largest number of the MCU of USB controller is led according to transmitting from 1.5Mbps (low speed) raise 12Mbps (amain) .

(3) accord with European telegraphic Committee on Standard (ETSI) the 2ETSITS102600V7.0.0 standard of formulate

AE56U accords with ETSITS102600V7.0.0 standard, this standard defined a terminal and integrated circuit board (ICC) the USB interface between, got UICC (general integrated circuit gets stuck) the support with the terminal besides interface of the regulation in TS102221.

And, this parts of an apparatus still can be passed compositive a manostat, the A that supports ISO7816 kind (5V) with B kind (3V) , with coordinating the system of the user neatly.

Product setting

The last few years, the online bank business, user that uses Internet serves, and the service that Internet provider provides grows ceaselessly, and the happening that these application use digital sign one's name to prevent to distort with data false. Current, sign with the uses one-time password number that gets stuck at intelligence demand is increasing, this is the method of a kind of test and verify with more one-time than the static state that uses before more safe countersign.

The safe test and verify that this makes use USB your card got again attention, it ever was used at commercial application before, for example the electron between the company trades. The wholesale market of USB your card is rising in certain zone, be in China especially. Besides powerful security, still appeared the demand to cabinet, frivolous dimension and general interface, this can use those who make at current terminal unit.
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