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The situation restricts year of RFID of the Olympic Games the element is being c

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In be being written down so that the New Year of this print looked into last year, think Chinese RFID still can be compared 2007 " cold " , still arouse a few controversies at that time, but the result still is accorded with anticipate. Went one year in an instant, what kind of scene will this year be?

The development of foreign RFID has acceleration tendency it seems that

Recently, foreign RFID industry has presented acceleration trend it seems that, this see one spot from the movement of the mainstream manufacturer of RFID chip. TI company of the United States, increase on one hand buy the strength with collaboration (finish together with Impinj company cooperation again recently for instance to higher level upgrade, cooperate with Certicom, use its EllipticCurveCryptography technology, the safety performance that promotes new generation RFID the system) ; on the other hand, increase the strength of research and development of new-style RFID chip from technical respect namely, replace original product ceaselessly, still be enriched through all sorts of means it is government and safe branch technically with its the platform of RF360 intelligence IC of newest development. The newest framework of this platform is shown 1 times like the graph.

In this platform, used the MSP430 small controller of TI company, advanced embedded FRAM memory, and high-powered imitate front technology. The workmanship of this platform promotes 130nm of newest radio frequency front technology. No matter be to be on dimension, still compared existing other solution to enhance an arrangement in power efficiency respect. And another tycoon, NXP company is besides augment beyond the product line of Chinese Guangdong, invest to establish new RFID chip product line in Australia gigantic again recently, as a result of SONY before long the company cooperates before, enhance the cooperative strength of RFID solution respect. These all appearing the pace of adumbrative industry is being accelerated.

Will look from application, although current application returns concentration to be in all sorts of is opposite,RFID cost demand still is not particularly tall domain, the sheet that has not enter content to flow truly tastes a label, the plan of retail tycoon Wo Erma is far also unfulfilment (this company plans to be by 2007 cover RFID technology all 20 thousand many suppliers, but up to now, still be in it seems that 4% wander below) , but, the application of the retail domain that is in Europe should precede it seems that one pace. Dragon of world-renowned heart of European shopkeeper wheat never interrupts the promotion of RFID technology to experiment, but the shopkeeper MetroGroup near future of the 4th already will apply European rank world to be moved from tiring-room downstage, enter shopkeeper field truly, this is destined to become a milepost of RFID industry, bring about industry to already began to think generally, the true advent of this adumbrative European RFID times!
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