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The situation restricts year of RFID of the Olympic Games the element is being c

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TI company is government and safe branch the technical framework of the platform of RF360 intelligence IC of newest development.

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Technical confluence and apply to depth outspread

To RFID, the demand that still is in a model at present drives technical level, new application is being sought assiduously inside cause course of study. Previously, talked about the application of RFID a lot of, flow in content centrally mostly, medicines and chemical reagents and provision are safe, article dogs, and the identity related to ticket Wu identifies etc. Although be in a few developed countries, be based on the consideration of human rights respect, be opposite about the identifying of personnel the respect sets a barrier, wait to had passed law like American California, those who restrict the use of RFID biology chip to reach pair of personnel dog, include the prisoner in the jail among them, as we have learned still follow-up a few cities are studying. But this still conduces to it seems that developing new identifying the effort of means and new application respect. Recently, samSung electron reads RFID odd chip embedded mobile phone, this reader is one reads card actually, dimension is the card of 6.5 × 6.5mm, this chip blocks working frequency paragraph for 900MHz, its go up compositive front of a radio frequency, one takes the base band Modem of microprocessor, still have chip of a memory. Such, came true truly " nowhere is absent " applied mode. "Our target is mixed in any time namely anyplace can since mobile means comes visit identifying information " , the ChiheeChung of LSI branch manager of SamSung electron expresses, "Undoubted, the most important one step on the way of operation technology gradual progress that RFID of our mobile odd chip identifies a technology to become nowhere to be absent " . If did not think carefully, the likelihood just thinks this will be RFID application industry to bring a lot of convenient sexes, but however oversight more profound application meaning, namely before it can make any consumer are buying goods, the mobile phone that carries oneself will read take identify information, decide the true bogus of article, gift thereby consumer a pair " bright look " . On the other hand, what this also can drive mobile phone function is outspread. Still have company of a Canada, rolled out the reader of movable type RFID that the whole world uses blue tooth technology first times recently. The blue tooth like realizing plan to appropriative resembles ball-pen reads a pen, still have hold facility sundrily. But essence is to use inside the blue tooth technology of buy, those who finish all sorts of pair of label is automatic identify, need not receive data catenary the server thereby, it is leave out more much heavy equipment, reduced cost.
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