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Division of Tianjin of double card syncretic takes the lead in upgrading greatly

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"Implementation campus city two calories of syncretic, in Tianjin college we are the first. School city is connected, it is the card name that the school names independently. Its content is inflict of existing to campus card system upgrades transform, in maintain former campus attestation of the identity inside one cartoon school, register the base that picks water of the consumption inside class, school, entrance guard to accuse to wait to have a function already entirely to go up, add all functions that the city blocks. The person that hold card can be in machine of POS of card of city of school inside and outside undertakes brushing getting stuck consumptive, also can be in the domain such as the line of business of municipal and public service such as cost of pay of the subway, public transportation, rental, water and electricity, undertake the electron pays conveniently. " school city connects project autograph to make an appointment with ceremonially, construction of informatization of university of Tianjin science and technology and Si Zhanjun of administrative office controller explained in detail " school city is connected " content.

On March 18, this school " school city is connected " project controller and Tianjin city one cartoon limited company sign cooperative agreement, take the lead in upgrading in Tianjin college original " one cartoon " system, gift the function with campus new card, the school inside and outside of convenient teachers and students lives. It is reported, head hair " school city is connected " card will be in " 51 " around appears campus.

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