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Check on work attendance of entrance guard of chain company network runs systema

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System of controller of RS network entrance guard basically transmits development remotely in the light of INTERNET network, can effective will distributing to undertake at the system of branch business entrance guard of complete province, whole nation or whole world control and much terminal are controlled centralized, its group net is agile, the way such as 485 bus line, INTERNET, fictitious VPN, local area network supports at the same time in whole network, and the mixture of these a few kinds of means in supporting a network is used. It is company of shift radical station, chain the optimal choice that has much branch to realize entrance guard check on work attendance to focus management.

One, at present one cartoon finishs the client state:

One cartoon manages meal of entrance guard of headquarters of already preliminary implementation, carry out, employee's card system. Reach circumjacent urban district to distributinging to be saved at *** each are big branch because the one cartoon management that network problem still does not have implementation and headquarters.

2, one cartoon system devises this plan target:

With MIFARE-IC card replaces the key that the bank uses at present to undertake opening the door, the VPN network that carries company firm to have or manage to the entrance guard of various branch through INTERNET network fact.

3, this one cartoon plan realizes following functions:

To each branch each main door area executes entrance guard management.

Strengthen the centralized management of entrance guard, the security that increases each branch article and the control of unified and effective pass in and out that separate a stuff each.

Implementation headquarters unites attributive of area of gate of hairpin, unified database, discrepancy to consolidate management.

All data that brush card enter branch in real time headquarters is undertaken unity administrative by the head office.

Area network is built in headquarters, the attributive that differs by relevant controller exercise has partition government to each branch.

Build INTERNET network administrative radical is made, each controller carries the notebook computer of terminal software to pass INTERNET in the whole nation or whole world area of can valid responsible to place gate undertakes management and monitoring.

Headquarters can ask according to branch at any time or emergencies place needs, long-range open or the door lock that close each subsidiary bank, after be being controlled remotely, brush get stuck and go out key-press will be invalid, entrance guard of the branch after only headquarters solves a lock just can be used. Basically achieve following goals:

1, bisect ministry has time zone government, be not time going to work or holiday to must not come in and go out.

2, have important case, the headquarters of relevant controller ask for instructions that must appoint by branch, and by headquarters relevant long-range control limits of authority is a division chief exercise branch entrance guard solves a lock, chief uses a card to brush calorie of discrepancy related branch.
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