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RCG grand bully system of digital RFID entrance ticket escorts the Emperor for t

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On March 5, 2008 - the wireless radio frequency with banner whole world identifies product of technology, biology identifying and supplier of solution of security personnel system grand bully the RFID that the number regards the Milky Way of American los angeles as competition of team Shanghai performance prevents bogus entrance ticket to assign technical vendor, will aid blast this match, offer solely at present the advanced RFID(RadioFrequencyIdentification abbreviate on international) ticket Wu system.

Performance of Shanghai of team of the Milky Way of American los angeles surpasses press conference spot

Millions of people expects China of long already team of the Milky Way of American los angeles performs contest, will in Shanghai stadium of 80 thousand people is held as scheduled, the American galactic group that leads by Gulite, the group of Shanghai East Asia that leads with Xu Genbao undertook a friendship is surpassed, "10 thousand people are confused " Bei Kehan Mu appears on competition ground as galactic group team leader and contact intimately with myriad fan. Prevent bogus sex to assure the security of this match and ticket card, sponsor just appoint RCG grand bully the number prevents bogus entrance ticket to assign technical vendor as the RFID of this match.

Grand bully the number provided the system of RFID ticket Wu with at present advanced international for this match. RFID wireless radio frequency identifies a technology, it is 20 centuries 90 time begin a arisen kind to identify a technology automatically, RFID technology uses means of wireless radio frequency to undertake between reader and radio frequency card two-way data is transmitted is not osculatory, in order to achieve target identifying and the goal that data exchanges. With the tradition model code, magnetic card and IC card photograph are compared, radio frequency clamping apparatus has blame contact, read rate fast, without wear away, do not get environmental influence, life long, facilitate length characteristic is mixed have prevent conflict function, can deal many pieces of card at the same time. Be in abroad, technology of radio frequency identifying already was carried at industrial automation, commerce automation, traffic by wide application control management, asset management, prevent the numerous domain such as bogus. In the meantime, chip of every RFID electron used exclusive identification code and frequency paragraph, the UID date of RFID is the alignment sign with only whole world, when this number leaves factory, be burned to die in ROM, cannot be revised and duplicate.

Besides the advanced technique that offers above and ticket Wu system, the international that RCG develops his adequately still to identify a technology to go up in infinite radio frequency is banner advantage, in order to perfect system of whole bill Wu:
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