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The design that how prevents a project calls the police with executive school mo

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[Summary] : The article basically elaborated safety of institute of electronic science and technology to be on guard systematic design thought and executive process

[Keyword] : Safe be on guard system

** institute builds the location of a school to be located in **** , cover an area of near 130 mus of ground, the building that has nearly 5 square metre group. This building group include office building of integrated education building, library, student union hall, report to teach dormitory of center, student to wait for a few main buildings, basically be education, office is mixed all sorts of service facilities. The institute is a new-style modern school, from the function of itself the demand of development and general management sets out, intelligence was adopted to turn management on hardware configuration, change through science, the safety that the centralized administration of synthesization will come perfect the functional mechanism of academic interior to raise oneself is on guard ability.

One. Systematic design principle

Because ** institute has the risk order and degree that the country provides, because this is when design program, we master 3 principles strictly: Act on the principle with advanced, reliable equipment, choose equipment and equipment, do one's best accomplishs a technology advanced, on the safe side, be on guard close, accomplish no risk at all. The function of equipment of each form a complete set and technical requirement should be coordinated consistent, uses material should accord with national level and industry standard. The macroscopical trends that systematic design should satisfy safety to be on guard to govern a function with safety is monitoring, microcosmic obtain evidence to ask basically, move below condition of accord with whole scene reliable, at the same time operation of give attention to two or morethings is handy, safeguard convenient. Consider managing fund while, consider the development of construction and technology, the flexibility with should have certain and expand force, equipment, system maintains to have certain advanced sex inside quite long time. Education unit of the institute, wait to all be centered in integrated education building like classroom, staff room, lab, and the office is centered in library office building for the most part, accordingly, the key that safety is on guard is integrated education building each library office building.

2. Systematic design

This safety is on guard the system includes TV supervisory system (CCTV) call the police with guard against theft system, share dot of 47 TV monitoring and 33 defence area 64 guard against theft call the police dot. The system basically is photographed by front �� mix like preparation call the police how does �� of terminal of equipment, monitoring prevent center and video to be defeated by circuit composition. See safety is on guard systematic principle graph. The situation that front produces the spot connects transmission line to convey monitoring terminal, through calling the police system and inspect inspect and admit spot circumstance, can be opposite at ordinary times enter integrated education building and library office. Nightly in unmanned discrepancy put together with the festival complete education building is mixed library office building when, call the police equipment and photograph enter state of alert like equipment, once somebody invades key place and key place, alarm signal is passed to how to prevent a center, call the police control lead plane is given out call the police sound, calling the police at the same time the room sign that call the police shows on monitor, value personnel is OK can handle moves switch to come the camera of this floor, observe corridor condition. By the signal that front comes to, some parts are more important, if put together is complete education building hallway, south gate, east the gate, need undertakes long surveillant kinescope, and some belong to general surveillance. To the surveillance of the key, will send 16 pictures plane signal on one hand, involve matrix switch on the other hand implement undertake sequential switch (matrix switch lead plane considers 2 period the project is patulous, we choose matrix 64 inputs) , 5 14 monitor come to repass undertake sequential is watched. The alarm signal that front comes to, collect through calling the police implement collect, apprentice blast image of control general linkage, outdated order state makes fixed observation instantly, whether to produce accident situation certainly. Configure two Japan the AE�6024 below the pine is long videocorder, counterpoise spot position (nod 16 times in all) undertake filing recording. Cent accuses a center to be set in courtyard office or deanery, courtyard leader can accuse a center to random calls image and dominate action of cloud stage scorch through cent. As the auxiliary method of management and circumstance of understanding courtyard inside and outside. Make courtyard leadership does not give the office medium in order to understand the situation of each key place inside the courtyard.
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