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Love can inspect MP4 of hard disk type to change high speed road politics execut

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It is reported, rose in December 2007, high speed of Beijing the Qin Dynasty manages at countrywide high speed road politics executes the law took the lead in introducing inside the system alarm with helmet type camera, execute the law in order to help personnel is more convenient and quick execute the law management. To execute the law this personnel deploys " advanced weapon " miniature photographs the high-definition clear that an outfit receives to go up in helmet outside basically be being loved to be able to inspect MP4 of hard disk type by to be formed like the head, line of the buy outside using accuses switch to operate kinescope and bide one's time, the hard disk of 30G can the acoustic image data of transcribe tall clarity many hours 100, the information data that hard disk stores can be broadcasted with computer directly, carry an operation very handy.

High speed of the Qin Dynasty that it is Beijing offers this to plant " new-style weapon " the manufacturer is the French ARCHOS that the first production gives MP4 product (love can be inspected) . Manufacturer of this global consumptive electron equipment, also be the technology that the number holds recreational solution domain lead company, devote oneself to to apply newest technical development and production to have frequency and video transcribe, picture to browse, the game and other multimedia application digitlization that is character holds a product. Love can inspect a company to hold the whole world in firmly of individual consumable domain not only lead position, in industry application the respect also goes in front.

As we have learned, be in early 6 years of the beginning of the year, the story that loves to be able to inspect success application how to defend a system at Europe caused home how to prevent the wide attention of the domain. The head that loves to be able to inspect CYLONSYSTEMS of manufacturer of associated Europe safe supervisory equipment to develop at that time wears type number to photograph like the system, the head that uses love to be able to inspect AV500 wears type to photograph function resembling a head, the video that has value extremely and frequency evidence are obtained in guilty spot, make the case can be finished inside 20 days from the whole process that happens to conviction, many and managing government and social natural resources.

Love can be inspected in technology of small hard disk development and applied domain are having powerful advantage, how industry client prevents what the domain takes a fancy to especially is the convenient, high-definition, high capacity of MP4. At the same time love can be inspected collect in video, transcribe of hard disk memory, video and the skill that run a side are more mature, the course checks, product quality and after service are good, brand credit is reliable. These become high speed of Beijing the Qin Dynasty to purchase love to be able to inspect the main reason of MP4.

Safe, efficient, low cost is the biggest characteristic of the MP4 trade solution that love can inspect a company to be based on hard disk. High-definition number photographs will cabinet helmet type to be put in like the head execute the law in the helmet of personnel, assure to all setting that personnel sees can execute the law below transcribe, accomplish place to see the function that copies namely asks truly. Video data is arrived to love to be able to inspect hard disk type by memory at the same time in transcribe in MP4, in video monitoring, obtain evidence of the respect film, turn put, the leave out when duplicating previously the trouble of and so on of crossing-over of format of a lot of such as. Execute the law when personnel works, can hang portable MP4 in pocket of jacket of lumbar occasional park, those who encounter need to film is video line of the buy outside needing to use only charges switch control kinescope and bide one's time, the operation goes to the lavatory very simply.
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