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Network management: The local area network embezzles the safe problem of IP addr

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1, modification IP address

To any TCP/IP implementation, IP address is its user configuration surely option. If the user is when configuration TCP/IP or modification TCP/IP configuration, those who use is not accredit orgnaization distributive IP address, formed IP address to embezzle. Because IP address is a logistic address, it is a value that needs user setting, because this cannot restrict an user to be revised to the static state of IP address, unless use DHCP server to allocate IP address, but can bring other government issue again.

2, address of didymous modification IP-MAC

Revise the problem of IP address to the static state, a lot of units use static road to be tried to solve by the technology now. Be aimed at static road by the technology, IP embezzles the technology had new development again, revise IP-MAC address in couples namely. MAC address is the hardware address of equipment, for commonly used to us aether net, namely the computer network that common weighs blocks an address. The MAC address that each net blocks is in equipment of all aether network must be exclusive, it is allocated by IEEE, it is solidify on net card, cannot alter at will commonly. But, present a few compatible nets get stuck, its MAC address can use a net to block configuration program to undertake modification. If mix the IP address of a computer MAC address the IP address of a lawful lead plane mixes instead MAC address, road of that static state by the technology helpless.

Additional, to the net card that those MAC addresses cannot alter directly, the user still can use the method of software to revise MAC address, achieve the goal that cheats superstratum network software through modifying rock-bottom network software namely.

3, trends revises IP address

To ace of a few hackers, write a program to send and receive data bag on the network directly, bypass superstratum network software, the IP address that trends revises him (or IP-MAC address is right) , achieving IP to cheat is not a very difficult issue.

2, be on guard technical research

Embezzle in the light of IP problem, network expert used all sorts of is on guard technology, compare now normally be on guard the technology basically is the hierarchy according to TCP/IP, different method is used to come to those who prevent IP address embezzle in disparate arrangement of ideas.

1, switching equipment control

The most complete method that solves IP address is to use switching equipment to undertake controlling, be in namely TCP/IP undertakes the 2nd layer controlling: The mode of only address job of the port that use switching equipment offers, namely each port of switching equipment allows a lead plane to visit a network through this port only, the visit of the lead plane of any other addresses is rejected. But the biggest drawback of this plan depends on it needing a network to go up to use switching equipment to offer an user to be received entirely, this is in switching equipment is relatively costly today is not a solution that can employ generally.
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