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Fujian spring harbor 200 much " global eye " unifinication of convoy blessing re

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The author learns 14 days, center of monitoring of two class video mixes fontal port area 268 " global eye " run a many month to come, already assisted investigate, detect case of public security criminal 25 cases, arrest illegal crime suspect 31, become prevent those who accuse to send case and detect broken case " piercing eye " .

Change content of storage of petrifaction of unifinication, Mount Taishan to shed the construction fastigium that waits for priority discipline to enter a key in succession as Fujian refine, task of stability of security of society of fontal port area is increasingly onerous. To make project can successful land is extensive advance, safeguard good society to be stabilized in safety, this area serves as supervisory system of video of construction public security raise security of society to prevent the important step that controls content of systematic science and technology, the plan throws 6 million yuan, in whole area orgnaization of 477 traffic thoroughfare, Party and goverment officials, finance does business the crucial point place such as enterprise of site, key, supermarket and personnel center a place to install " global eye " , construction division, town center of monitoring of two class video.

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