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Hong Kong International Airport applies RFID to raise baggage to handle efficien

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Hong Kong International Airport (HKG/VHHH) it is Guo Taihang aviation of rapid movement of aviation of empty, Dragon Air, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China base of civil aviaton sky and Gan Quan aerial, be located in bare 鱲 horn. Investment amount amounts to 156 billion Hongkong dollar, cover an area of 1248 hectare, enabled in July 1998. Measure computation by passenger flow with year, hong Kong International Airport resides an Asia the 3rd, even more 45 million person-time; Goods volume resides the whole world the 2nd, amount to 4 million metric ton. The basis devises plan surely formerly, the handling capacity of final passenger transport of Hong Kong International Airport is 87 million person-time / year, final freight handling capacity is 9 million metric ton / year.

Hong Kong International Airport

Day, hong Kong International Airport announces, the bar that register can list all fares inside the airport imprint integrated RFID label, airline can use RFID technology by respective need. Chip of RFID of ultrahigh frequency of the place inside label of RFID of new-style baggage passive, imprint at the same time have bar code, replaced the ticket that has bar code only before. This is the airport is dedicated to ceaseless promotion running efficiency and one of measure that strengthen passenger service.

Administrative pattern is changed to fall in traditional baggage bar code, airport working personnel needs to use hold label of scanning of close quarters of bar code scanner, ability knows the relevant news that reads baggage. Way of this kind of work not only efficiency is inferior, in the meantime, because bar code label is easy blemish, cause error rate taller. Compare with bar code photograph, after label of stickup on passenger baggage RFID, ultrahigh frequency RFID is read write implement but the ID that beyond is apart from and can identify label from different point of view, knowledge read rate faster, the result is more accurate. In addition, the information storage capacity of RFID label is more than bar code also. Show according to checking a result, the accurate scanning rate of label of use bar code is 80% , and after use RFID label, airport baggage handles speed to rise greatly, effective knowledge reads rate achieve 97% (wall bulletin of RFID radio frequency notes: The disturbing influence that gets partial metal boot) , can save the time of 5% , hand and battalion carry ability, everyday but multiprocessing leaves harbor baggage 2000 times.

Additional, the cost of RFID label is 1 yuan of money about, bar code label is 5 horn, a bit expensive at bar code label. General manager of business of passenger transport of aviation of management board of Hong Kong International Airport Mr Ma Yaowen emphasizes pointing out, new addition partial cost won't impute to passenger, RFID label stores only basic individual data of the passenger -- if the full name reachs airliner number, won't encroach individual privacy information.
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