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Control of entrance guard of Na Kang city and supervisory system purchase announ

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Health city invite public bidding bids central government purchases a ministry to suffer those who purchase an unit to entrust south, invite supervisory system of invite public bidding to the society now, greeting home bids business comes round to bid eligibly. Be as follows with respect to concerned item announce now:

One, purchase an item: System of control of AB door entrance guard, supervisory system increases with transform, image of room of armed police duty transmits equipment.

2, purchase amount and requirement: Detailed sees document of invite public bidding the 3rd part;

3, sign up reach qualificatory prejudication time: Come since this day on June 3, 2008 afternoon 5 when; The qualification proves a file under the belt when signing up: Original of carbon of the card of Wu of industrial and commercial, duty that register or the card that build firm stamp illuminate ① Xerox; How does ② prevent original of letter of construction company intelligence or the photocopy that build firm stamp; ③ agent needs legal person to represent accredit book (original) legal person of; ④ is represented or accredit represents effective Id (original) . When above certificate signs up, need to offer original or the photocopy that build firm stamp, leave Xerox; (Bid the enterprise must be the company that researchs through saving a Public Security Department)

4, time of put on sale of file of invite public bidding on May 30 - on June 3 afternoon 5 when, data of file of invite public bidding expends every 200 yuan, when bidding, must hand in bid bail 3000 yuan;

5, time of open sealed tenders: On June 4, 2008 afternoon 3 when;

6, sign up reach place of open sealed tenders: Health city invite public bidding bids south center;

7, phone: 0797-6611683, fax: 0797-6617066

File of invite public bidding downloads network address: Www.gzzbtbzx.com

Contact: Liu Jian of? of  of fellow of word of zinc of  gorge stool: 13507974887

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