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Chinas implementation of access control industry technology and product develop

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August 25 afternoon, up from Shenzhen Smart Co-sponsored real "China's implementation of access control industry technology and product development strategy up to Conference on" Wujiaochang Ramada Hotel in Shanghai a success. There are about thirty and Design Institute, integrators, direct user representatives, the media (thousands of network) to participate in the meeting; the number of scale that exceeded the target. Are from the East China Architectural Design Institute, Tongji University, Fudan University and other famous First such institute or university, while there are many well-known builders of high-level Shanghai, can justifiably claim to almost a full house. Guests have access to China's current situation and future development of technology had a heated discussion. Since the meeting of fact City, the first time since the multi-level access control industry representatives at a public seminar for improving the implementation of access control card system intelligent building in Shanghai's well-known industry experts and influence played a positive role. Since 2009, Mifare I card security issues of concern in the country has access to encryption technology for the Chinese caused widespread concern in society, while, the emergence of various types of solutions, at a time when the country Standard encryption algorithm for access control and call out and so on. As the only independent access control card listing of the leading enterprises of the company always pay attention to China's implementation of access control industry trends, access control industry in the direction of development in the end Which ...... by the DAS Speaker Products Division general manager Zhang Shaohua MIFARE card access control industry collapsed after facing the direction of development and to conduct in-depth discussions will be guests ... ...; When the CPU card has gradually become mainstream, mobile phones and smart card integration, driven by the telecom operator to become a "fashionable." Access control system in this continuous change in which access control technology faces change, the opportunity Where? Of real R & D Director Wang widely on the "Status of mobile payment services and access control card technology, future direction," the speech aroused great interest of participants, venue and friendly atmosphere. Then, of real intelligent products division marketing director Huang Zhiyong amounted to implement access control card technology and related products, made a detailed presentation case. The face of access control industry, market development, DAS has introduced new products , Shows up real strong technical force and intelligence capability of independent innovation. Finally, the workshop into the climax. East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Senior Engineer Wen Bo silver, East China Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. intelligence director Wu Wenfang, Shanghai Installation Engineering Company Chief Engineer, Kai Wang, Tongji University, Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. Xia, deputy chief engineer and other experts on the access control system development, respectively, made a wonderful speech. We focus on access control and card industry of the errors, Technology trends, hot topics such as proposed access control system in China to be more service-oriented companies, that China has a huge future market access space. East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Quer Lan, complex Yang Deyu Engineering Fudan University, Director of Engineering and Design Institute in the ninth ship Zhou Hong and other well-known experts also attended the seminar.
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