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Case of tenants moving out to block access actually Tiduan

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Chen Garden in Hong Kong and have a house, rented to others. These days, tenants will be moving, but the tenants have not paid utility bills, Ms. Chen on account of the property not released. Tenants say that they hurry to move, Chen said, it would leave a 500 yuan to the property, and other utilities and then find out she was settled, but the tenant refused to comply. 16 pm yesterday, tenants have all the possessions to the moving company to move the car, but having the property of the block. At first, the tenants want to access the car broke, and then drove away, but the moving company who would not. Until 17:30, the tenants can not wait, go to the access control his good kicks, he just kicked off the access control, let the car out of district. Community monitoring is completely recorded the behavior of the tenants, the police to the scene after the transfer of cases to the district police station.
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