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On combat: the soft underbelly and video intercom access control technology de

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Building intercom number four "soft rib" 1, the compatibility / standardization: The concept of multi-system compatibility, including two meanings, the first of its kind system in the integration of different technologies compatible; second, different types of systems, system integration of different technologies. The first, similar systems compatible with integration of different technologies. Multi-system compatible with communities, mainly in accordance with the different grades, the system can be integrated with different grades to suit various applications. We know that a large area, may be fusion of multi-layer, high-rise, high-rise, or a flat orientation of the block of flats, such as different grades. Second, different class, different techniques of system integration. Products are now speaking to the Gulf, for example, security exhibition in Beijing in 2008 launched the Gulf GST TCP / IP network intercom system, large-scale community, the community video surveillance system and video intercom system, networking, monitoring and management to achieve unified management center. At the same time, the intercom system + access control system + ladder integrated control system, such as households need to travel to a unit on the 10th floor through the access control card, you can automatically control the elevator down to the bottom of waiting, and automatic control elevator rose to 10 buildings. 10th floor, visitors to call if the household, household indoor unit through the intercom system allows the entry, the elevator automatically dropped to the bottom of waiting, visitors entered the elevator automatically rise to the 10th floor before the elevator floor button without press. As audio and video codec algorithm, cabling standards, communication protocols, interface compatibility is not a result of unification / standardization has been plagued by buyers, yet this part of the leading authorities to promote related standards. 2, anti-jamming capability: Anti-jamming capability is currently building intercom industry generally troublesome. In product quality, improved anti-jamming capability is highly desirable, especially in the part of the thunderstorm-prone areas. In the field construction, wire the improper wiring can cause a variety of non-standard and other interference. Therefore, suppliers need to attract universal attention, and the construction side. 3, the cost reduction: At present, the larger manufacturers in sales, engineering, installation, service costs remain high, as the product standardization process, engineering, installation, social services, product costs need to decrease gradually. 4, user-friendly design: Intercom products, or smart home products, is the mass of the products, the use of humanity is one of the most important features. This mainly refers to the human interface design of the humanity, including the indoor unit, door machines, buyers want products can operate to make a fool of, so that children and the elderly are easy to understand operations, such as: language tips during the operation, the family message, etc.; screen graphical interface much richer, not just the text prompt. Pure digital IP intercom products, strong function, menu, therefore the user interface and operation is very important to humanity. In contrast, the appearance of technology on international brands in more perfect.
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