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Copy the lack of monitoring lock access control card company received 20 per 2

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"Spend 20 dollars, one or two minutes to copy an access card to open the door area." The ad you have seen it? Past two years, Castle of the many unlocking the company added a new business, is to copy the access control card, which is how the access card copied it? December 8, the reporter can contact a company for unlocking this business, copy the access cards that only need a small machine, copy price from 20 yuan to 50 yuan per month. A phenomenon of copying of access control card lock "Now the new district has access cards, but many people are good at home, an access card is definitely not enough, this can be replicated?" December 8, surnamed Zhang, the public asked a reporter, access cards can be copied, if Information leaked that mean people can easily access area, or even get into their home. Questions for Mr. Chang, a reporter at the online search and found many home lock company, casually ask if there is copied several selected access card business, looking for more than a dozen companies found that most lock access control card can be copied. "We can copy the access control card, you'll be right over." "I copied one or two." "This can not, too small, boring." Unlock a small business, the company refused to press copy for journalists access card. Just copy the access control card survey B a minute or two Copy access cards in the end is how to operate it? Reporter linked to the way in Shandong, a lock company, said a staff member surnamed Wang, is not a card can be copied, journalists need to try the card. "If it is pay to train the kind of can not copy, because it should be encrypted, and the general access card should be no problem." Reporter borrowed a vehicle access control card and a card to unlock the company in this house, "the how copy?" "On this machine." Reporter looked curiously at the little glass behind the counter machine, with the calculator is similar to a few arrow keys and the "test", "Copy" and other keys. Wang is a reporter for cars on the machine pedestal, according to a number of arrow keys, but the back and forth according to "test", "copy" seems to have little effect. "You are not deductions for cars? Can not detect." Subsequently, the reporter got out access cards, access cards that can be copied. After bargaining, Mr. Wang said that 30 per collection. In addition, the reporter learned that the lock copying of access card access card used by the replicator everywhere in the online sales, at a site called Rong Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is the sale of enterprise access card replicator. "Your access card company how much money a Replicator?" Subsequently, the reporter called the number. "180 yuan one." Marketing Manager Yang told reporters the company introduced the "replicator parking on the market can read and write on cards, access cards, switches and all other ID card, class cards, including a small key ring-shaped cards, shaped cards . " Copy C provides property management approval required Access card is lost, it is easy to copy, which for many residents a convenient, but if the user information obtained by others, also means that personal and property safety of residents can not be guaranteed. "Once community property loss occurs, who is to blame?" Public Zhang doubt. This reporter has learned, all without the property management sector, and the approval of access control card manufacturers to easily copy the access control card authorization act, not only violated the manufacturer's intellectual property rights, of property management companies also caused a considerable security risk, because it kinds of copying the original card to back up the data, the information can easily result in cell leakage. In general, access control cards dispensed by the residential property management, management responsibility, you want to copy access cards, must enter through the property management agency for approval. ◎ Links No reproduction control access card Copy access cards legal? If the cause of leakage of personal information Who's to blame it? To this end, the reporter interviewed a law firm in Shandong Yuan Ding Zhang lawyer. "In fact, like to find someone to copy the access control card lock, like the function keys and access cards are the same." However, Zhang lawyer told reporters that the owners copied without permission access card access card lead to information disclosure, resulting in loss of property suffered by the owners, should be copied without authorization and access control card owners were liable for infringement; if the losses occurred in the district, depending on district property in the property management company if there are mistakes, if there is residential property companies fault, then the district should bear the related property liability. The business is not authorized to freely copy the behavior of others, access cards, are violations; if disclosure of the owners of the information access control card, causing serious consequences, may be suspected of a criminal offense. Access card owners to copy or security risks arise after the loss to the property owners of the company can not simply copy the access card without authorization refused bear the relevant responsibilities, but also need to prove that its property management has done to their obligations, and there is no fault of their own. "The reason why the controversial access card copy, in fact, with the current market, regulatory delays have a great relationship. Formal network unlocking companies and the Public Security Bureau, but the copy of the new access card out of a business, but also the lack of regulation in this area . "
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