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Monitoring of new generation video stores plan adopts IP SAN design

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The rapid development of computer technology made video monitoring complete the transformation that changes digitlization from complete imitate. Transfer in this in level, the new function of a lot of number monitoring that replace traditional technique derive to go out by digital monitoring is in gradually predominate technology. The definition that gets monitoring picture and save the demand influence such as time, the core equipment DVR that digitlizes monitoring formerly (hard disk videocorder) fulfil its historical mission gradually, begin to be with DVS (video server) IP SAN is replaced for the supervisory system place of core. The video supervisory system of new generation the compression with digital video, transmit, store and broadcast application to give priority to, with intelligence economic image analysis is characteristic. The storage system that be developed in the light of video monitoring among them and designs more and more the decisive equipment that makes property of whole of influence supervisory system.

On the storage system of generation video solution basically uses DAS framework. The server is connected continuously through SCSI outside buy storage equipment, storage equipment joins the enlarge that realizes pair of DVR memory capacity to DVR is allowed directly, this framework to distributed memory it is a better program, but cannot provide the support that crosses platform, on configuration depend on place connective server badly, administrative cost is very so high. When need enlarge unit weight does RAID newly, need delay plane commonly, meeting influence network serves.

In the video monitoring application of current main trend, the data of memory is simple kinescope data no longer, however the data cause that monitoring resource use branch has analytic to image, the applied mode of supervisory system decided among them storage system must what can back advanced and other security, rich attributive management function, data at the same time is tall share gender, data to read what take and write is high-powered and have agile expansibility. The storage system of program of monitoring of new generation video is based on SAN framework, the data high speed that offerred one individual character to be able to be stabilized accesses platform, form a big memory pool through centering memory. Can realize centralized management, concentration to deposit, concentration is called wait for a function, it is the framework that suits to center memory most in video supervisory system. At present SAN framework is divided again for FC SAN and IP SAN two kinds, set out from the demand angle of monitoring application, IP SAN is in function, function and have the angle such as cost to go up to suit monitoring application more.

   Program of storage of monitoring of DVS + IP SAN

Power inspect data (WISDATA) is aimed at project of large-scale video monitoring (100 above) application, offerred the solution of specific aim, this plan uses design of IP SAN framework, undertake in the light of monitoring application custom-built change a design, be applied extensively in project of large important video monitoring: In the hill austral Shenzhen restful city, Beijing faces south the many projects such as monitoring of Olympic Games monitoring, battalion mouth the university entrance exam all are applying actually. Specific plan uses the monitoring means of array of disk of DVS + IP SAN, array of disk of ISCSI To SATA (MacroStor1000I) be linked together through aether network switching equipment and server, specific link means shows like plan institute:
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