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As the development of science and technology, especially the leap of technology of website sth resembling a net, promoted the high speed development that how prevents a technology, rose how to defend the applied level of the industry. DVR monitoring market also is being changed to network, intelligence stage by stage, practical change, the industry changes directional development, turn into video monitoring, guard against theft to call the police by single item, perimeter is on guard, the integrated weak electrical engineering Cheng such as discrepancy passageway control. The market by industry embedded DVR, PC type DVR and PC are embedded DVR3 kind the product is held, among them product of PC type DVR has cost low, increase speed to wait for an advantage more quickly, integral demand is increased stage by stage, and DVR lead plane board the essential component in regarding PC type DVR as the product, grow as much rapid.
The amount of board card company that home has research and development and engineering capability is not much, and dedicated DVR lead plane board the manufacturer is fewer, the lead plane that the market is aimed at DVR market characteristic technically board product can be counted on one's fingers, and product line is single, product standards is backward. Sent inscription to see DVR market this one current situation, also valued DVR market potential and development perspective, accumulate 3 when rely on a brand years, send inscription completely capable already to be the vitality with DVR market new infuse.


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